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Life after death

Unrestrained Greeks optimism is evident nowhere more than in funeral rites. Since no one considers himself a sinner, everyone is convinced that when he dies he get to heaven on a cloud specially reserved for him. Therefore, the idea of ​​a special horror of death is not caused.

Greek funeral is an elaborate event, followed by the coffee and brandy refreshments. It is for those who came to see the deceased.  A fish menu is for the relatives and friends that arranged a wake. Memorial services are performed on the 40th day after death.The delicious mixture of boiled wheat grains, various nuts, sunflower seeds, raisins and sugar is eaten by mini spoons.

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Greek woman

A woman of ancient Greece served as a standard of beauty for the Europeans for a long time. Her unearthly beauty inspired sculptors and painters, she was captured in art images of Aphrodite, Athena or Demeter. Stately, slender, graceful, with swan neck, dressed in a flowing pleated tunic, golden curls in her hair high, decorated with ribbons and tiaras. Shewas good in sciences and talented in the arts.

There is no information about how a woman of that period looked like. The literature provides a speculative description. Certain guidelines can be given by the figurines and murals of reconstructed Knossos palace in Crete. Cretan women were unnaturally narrow waist, were not tall and elegant physique.

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Greek salad

You must try the famous Greek cuisine, when you arrive in Santorini. Well known «Greek salad» is called «Country Salad» or «Horyatiki» in Greece. It is a very popular salad among all the inhabitants of the country.It is presented at the daily meal, and on holidays. It can be ordered in any Greek tavern, or in the best restaurants in the world.

Whatever may be said, but one thing is certain: the ingredients of Greek salad, allow us to say that Country salad is a «whole Greece in one dish»! So you really should go to one of the Greek taverns to taste a Country salad when you have Santorini excursions. Don’t waste this opportunity!

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