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Life after death

Unrestrained Greeks optimism is evident nowhere more than in funeral rites. Since no one considers himself a sinner, everyone is convinced that when he dies he get to heaven on a cloud specially reserved for him. Therefore, the idea of ​​a special horror of death is not caused.

Greek funeral is an elaborate event, followed by the coffee and brandy refreshments. It is for those who came to see the deceased.  A fish menu is for the relatives and friends that arranged a wake. Memorial services are performed on the 40th day after death.The delicious mixture of boiled wheat grains, various nuts, sunflower seeds, raisins and sugar is eaten by mini spoons.

Cremation is repugnant to the tenets of the Orthodox Church. So the Greeks after the death are buried in the marble graves with large white marble crosses. Three years after the burial the bones are dug and interfere in the family tomb.Thus the problem of overcrowding of cemeteries is solving.

Fresh or artificial flowers and constantly burning oil lamps made from fancy glass are standard decoration of graves. Bright colored plastic buckets, hanging over the graves are the evidence that family devotees regularly wash the marble slabs. The bright lamps of fire under the tall cypress trees give the Greek cemeteries calm and serene atmosphere, where there is no place scary ghosts at night.

Greeks believe in a good and comfortable life after death, so the Easter holiday is a major religious event. It begins with the Holy Week, during which almost all have post and run into the church to defend the special service. Crackers and fireworks paint the night sky, heralding the resurrection of Christ, and the streets are filled with people carrying lighted candles to their homes.

Easter Sunday is unthinkable without the roasted lamb on a spit, and without breaking the steep painted Easter eggs with all people thatgoesto the festival. One is holding an egg in his hand, the other strikes him with his egg. Last said: «Christ is risen!», the first replies: «Truly He is risen!». Then the eggs are turned, and the procedure is repeated. In the end, each family has a mountain of hard-boiled eggs, which they cut in a salads in the next day.

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