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Greek woman

A woman of ancient Greece served as a standard of beauty for the Europeans for a long time. Her unearthly beauty inspired sculptors and painters, she was captured in art images of Aphrodite, Athena or Demeter. Stately, slender, graceful, with swan neck, dressed in a flowing pleated tunic, golden curls in her hair high, decorated with ribbons and tiaras. Shewas good in sciences and talented in the arts.

There is no information about how a woman of that period looked like. The literature provides a speculative description. Certain guidelines can be given by the figurines and murals of reconstructed Knossos palace in Crete. Cretan women were unnaturally narrow waist, were not tall and elegant physique.

Women wore ringlets framing the neck and hair, collected on the forehead or braids woven with ribbons. Feet were often barefoot, but upper-class women sometimes wore leather shoes with embroidery. Dresseswererefinement. Skirtswere decorated with ruffles. They extend to the bottom, fastened with metal hoops.

Waistline was pulled together with tight corset, and over it they had the bare breasts. Women of Minoan era, as well as in our days, adorned themselves with all kinds of jewelry made of copper, gold and stones. It were earrings, rings, bracelets, tiaras, etc. Minoan woman took equal status with men in society. She attended theater, games, was free to leave the house.

An important part of Greek women garment was tunic (chiton), descends to the floor. Young girls tied up belt on the waist, married women tied it above the waist, under the breasts. Their hands were bare. It was a suit for the house and for the streets it was considered not quite respectable and too simple. Greek women needed to wear himation to go walking. It was a big chunk of matter that pounced from the top and was called a Peplos (wide and made of thick material) or Kolpos (narrow and thin). The main art lies in the ability to drape on this material beautifully.

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